No Chemical Cleaning

Healthy Carpets is well known around the Ann Arbor area. We strive to provide amazing customer service and pride in our work we offer.

Carpet Cleaning Compounds Used By Healthy Carpets

Healthy Carpets is known to use all natural cleaning compounds, hints the name Healthy Carpets. Our cleaning compounds are capable of removing the most about of soil possible. The cleaning agents used are citrus based (oranges). Healthy Carpets also provides upholstery cleaning as well, the cleaning agents for that is also citrus based. Our number one goal when we come …

Healthy Carpets Cares About Ann Arbor

Not only do we care if we do a good job, we will contact you in a couple days to make sure the job was done right. Nobody cares how much you know, until you show how much you care.

DID You Know

Did you know – Air quality inside your house can become 10 times worse than outdoor air quality? This can happen if you do not properly clean and maintain the carpet in your home

Home Owners Misakes

One of the worst mistakes someone can make when cleaning a carpet is to grind a stain into the carpet, and all over the carpet, creating a larger mess than need be. If something spills onto the carpet, whether it be liquid or a dry substance like plant soil, do not rub down on the carpet. If it is dry, …

Why Should You Have Your Carpets Cleaned

There are many reasons for professional carpet cleaning, one it will increase the life of your carpets to have them cleaned regularly. The dirt embedded in the carpets rub together to prematurely wear out the carpet fibres. The appearance is better with clean carpets; health is improved with less soil and or dust in the home etc.

Pet Stains Removel Ann Arbor

Pet Soil & Vomit Pet soil or vomit is a complex mixture of foodstuffs, saliva, stomach acids and digestive waste products. Sometimes, this mixture can stain the pile of a carpet or leave a persistent odor. Follow the tips below to cleanup the stain, but if that doesn’t do the trick, call The Steam Team. 1.Immediately pick up/blot up as …

Best Carpet Cleaning Tips

Doormats go a long way in protecting the carpet from dirt and debris that can get tracked in from the outside. Not only should you have one on the outside of the doorway, but put one inside as well. There are a wide variety of styles for doormats and you can usually find one that will best match your decor. …

Cleaning tips for 4/10

Consider using area rugs in high traffic areas. That will protect your carpet from unnecessary staining and wear.