Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning

Cleaning with Hot Water Extraction Also called “steam cleaning,” although steam is not used, this cleaning process uses high pressured hot water to force soil and dirt out, and the vacuum sucks the dirt up. The hot water temperature helps escalate the reaction time. The carpet is thoroughly cleaning with some grooming brush, next the carpet is rinsed with a cleaning apparatus. The carpet mus be given a sufficient drying time to avoid saturation.

Today many people are looking for an Eco-friendly approach when cleaning their home. If this is something that you are striving for, why setting for anything less when it comes to having your carpets cleaning? With the many professional carpet cleaning companies in the industry, there are numerous processes and even more types of chemicals that can be used.

What process is best carpet cleaning method?

Hot water extraction is the most utilized cleaning process in the carpet cleaning industry according to Clean-fax Magazine, the Front-runner cleaning magazine in the business. Shaw Industries and Mohawk Industries, the two larges carpet manufactures in the world, recommend hot water extraction for the maintenance cleaning of carpet. Other processes include, but not limited to, the application of moistened materials and chemicals to the carpet for vacuuming.

How can you determine if the process is ECO-friendly?

If the company is using hot water extraction and the water is hot enough, virtually no chemicals will be needed to clean the carpet. The water needs to reach at least 200 degrees F to achieve optimal cleanliness. The extremely hot water penetrates the carpet fibers loosening the dirt, soil and grease while the vacuum extracts the dirty water. Keep in mind, for every 15 degrees F increase in temperature the cleaning ability of the water doubles! Not all carpet cleaning companies can achieve this intense temperature level for cleaning and in turn, will revert to using chemicals on the carpet.

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