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Carpet Cleaning Depot Town

Healthy Carpets decided to expand carpet cleaning service to Depot town just because of the history it has with the Ann Arbor area.  The history on Depot town in Ypsilanti is very interesting the way it has developed over the years
The Depot Town’s E. Cross Street main storefront district is home to many iconic, locally-owned restaurants and bars. It also houses the Michigan Firehouse Museum, Ypsilanti Historical Museum, Archives, and the Ypsilanti Freight house. This historic building was built in 1878 and will host Current Magazine’s Best of Washtenaw party on September 12th. In addition, Depot Town boasts two lovely parks, Riverside Park and Frog Island, one on either side of the Huron River, which are connected by a three-pointed bridge, as well as the new Washtenaw-County-wide Border to Border trail, running directly through the parks. Riverside park hosts annual events such as ElvisFest, which draws tribute artists from all over the country, and recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Also, The Ypsilanti Heritage Festival (now YpsiFest) is an annual celebration that features live music, entertainment and historical tributes.

Nearby schools include Washtenaw International High School, (WiHi), which was recently ranked #4 in Michigan by U.S. News and World Report. The Middle Academy (WIMA), on N. Mansfield St. Perry Early Education Center is a public preschool, kindergarten and first-grade school that is located just 5 minutes away. It is provided by the Ypsilanti County School District.  The Early College Alliance at Eastern Michigan University is another option. This public program offers high-school students the opportunity to earn their high school diploma as well as graduate with up 60 college credits

Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Process

Pre-Inspect Carpeted Areas

Healthy Carpets will walk through all the carpeted areas you would like to have cleaned.  During the inspection we will describe in great detail a solution to execute a cleaning strategy

Protect Your Belongings

We will lay down floor protectors (to protect any hardwood floors from our carpet cleaning hoses. Apply corner guards (to protect your dry wall from our carpet cleaning vacuum hose.  Now we will determine what furniture pieces will be moved (each piece of furniture moved will be protected with foam blocks or a plastic tab)

Pre-Vacuum Your Carpets

Next we will perform one of the most important steps that 99% of our competitors skip and its by far the most important step.  Dry vacuum your carpet fibers.

Pretreat Stains & Traffic Lanes

At this point we have verified carpet type and ready to pretreat the spots and traffic lanes with our all natural spotting treatment.  With our premium service we will include an agitation step to loosen up the grime and soil prepping the carpet fibers for extraction

Rinse & Extract

We will then extract all the natural detergent, soil.  Then rinse all carpet fibers with our P.H. balanced water, purified with a UV light sterilizer process.  This is important because unbalanced high acid or low alkaline water is a perfect prescription for wicking stains (returning stains) 

Groom & Dry Carpets

With our premium services, your carpet fibers will be groomed and dryer fans will be set up for a speedy dry time

Inspect Carpets

Now all the carpets are nice and fresh its time for a look at any introflections in the carpet cleaning process. 

What Healthy Carpets has to offer Depot Town Ypsilanti

Healthy Carpets offers a wide verity of cleaning services ranging from carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and even auto detailing and pressure washing.  

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Depot Town Facts

Carpet Cleaning Depot Town Ypsilanti

Healthy Carpets has over 18 years of experience in Carpet Cleaning in the Depot Town, Ypsilanti. Call us today at (734) 224-8206 to get the help you need with your home or commercial space!

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Why Is Healthy Carpets In Depot Town Ypsilanti

Healthy Carpets decided to spread all services through out Depot Town Ypsilanti.  Including carpet cleaning, area rug pick up drop off service.  And even air duct cleaning.  Healthy Carpets is dedicated in protecting your floors with out top of the line liquid repellant protector.  We guarantee all services because we you are our number 1 goal.  We aren’t happy unless you are.