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Tile and grout cleaning is just as important as carpet cleaning.  Healthy Carpets has over 16 years experience cleaning tile and grout. Cleaning your tile and grout can greatly improve the overall visual cleanliness of your home.  Healthy Carpets will arrive at your home ready to work with all the professional equipment to accomplish the cleaning project at hand.  The difference of your tile and grout will be astonishing and we guarantee it.  Below you will find the steps taken to clean your tile and grout in your home or commercial setting.

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

How we ensure cleaner Tiles and Grout in your home or commercial space:

Inspect the Tile & Grout you wish to have professionally cleaned

Apply a citrus based cleaning agent that eats away all the grime embedded in the grout and groove lines.

Agitate with an amazing machine called the BrushPro20. 4.Rinse away all the grime and soil with a tool called a spinner.

Rinse away all the grime and soil with a tool called a spinner. This process will blast away any residual deposits at about 1200PSI (depending on the material).

Inspect the finished product for any improvements.

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