Arriving- Healthy Carpets will arrive at your location for the cleaning within a 1 hour window unless other arrangement are made with you.
Your Responsibilities- Your will receive a notification within 1 hour of arrival- please remove all miscellaneous items off the carpets. Items like small tables, floor lamps, kids/pet toys extra. This will save lots of time and you will receive a more detailed cleaning. Healthy Carpets will move standard furniture as in couches, end tables, love seats, chairs, and small dressers if glassware and breakables are removed. excessive furniture request will cost extra. After moving these items we will protect the furniture legs with foam blocks or plastic tabs. Vacuuming would also benefit your carpet cleaning. We do vacuum as well, however more is better. There will be a $80 fee if your appointment is adjusted within 24 hours of your appointment date & time. There will be a $100 fee if we arrive and we are unable to clean.
Healthy Carpets Responsibilities- Our main goal is to remove as much soil as possible in a safe non-toxic manner. We are not responsible for reoccurring (wicking) stains. If you have stains that usually come back after a carpet cleaning, make sure you notify us. We have a treatment (flushing treatment) to assure the stain will not return. If this is your carpets first professional carpet cleaning, Healthy Carpets includes a 24 hour customer satisfaction if our cleaning recommendation was applied. Healthy Carpets does not guarentee 100% stain removal as there is such thing as a permanent stain. If you for any reason are unhappy with our cleaning service, we will return and make it right for reasonable reasons. A $99 re-clean fee may apply for wicking/fresh stains. The only way Healthy Carpets can guarantee odor removal is with our foam enzyme treatment.

It’s a good idea to vacuum before we arrive and make sure that toys are picked up from the floor. We carefully move all reasonable furniture and put it back in place. However, we do ask that you remove all breakables such as lamps, knick-knacks, and photo frames.

Doctors recommend that people with allergies and Asthma wash their carpeting, drapes and upholstered furniture every 3 to 6 months. Vacuuming alone will not do the trick. Professional cleaning is the key to killing dust mites which is the number one cause of allergens in the indoor environment. We recommend cleaning residential carpet with medium traffic area at least once a year.

Yes. We will move most seated furniture and tables (sofas, chairs, tables etc). We cannot move pianos, beds, entertainment centers, computer desks, armoires etc. We can clean under any furniture pieces 4″ or higher without even moving them. We will protect the legs of the furniture pieces we do move.

First scoop up any solids that have been spilled. (Loose potting soil, any solids that can be lifted. Then blot the area with white toweling. Be careful not to smudge the spot. Try our a professional stain spotter and remove the stain following the directions on the bottle. If you cannot remove the stain , call us Healthy Carpets: 734.408.1922

Yes, having your carpet and upholstery cleaned removes many allergens and other pollutants and makes your air easier to breathe.

Wicking is a common condition that takes place when the soil has penetrated down into the backing of the carpet/padding and has returned after a professional carpet cleaning. It is very important to have your carpets cleaned every year to prevent this from happening. This is very common with berber carpet or carpet in a moist basement. The longer a stain is present the deeper it goes. Please follow the steps below if this happens.
1. Fill a spray bottle with water or the solution that Healthy Carpets provided.
2. Mist the wicking stain with the solution.
3. Blot the stain with a paper towel or microfiber cloth.
The stain will then wick into the towel.
If the stain does not come out or was never removed after a professional carpet cleaning. It is more likely a permanent stain.

Yes, you should remove miscellaneous items from the areas being cleaned, all knick-knacks and breakables. Pictures, lamps, etc., from tables that are to be moved.

Typically, if there is ventilation in the room or it is a warm day, anywhere from 8-10 hrs depending on what type of carpet and conditions. There are some systems that don’t use steam cleaning and never get the carpets wet. Drying time depends on some variables such as the thickness of pile and fibers, the weather conditions and the air circulation in your home. The normal drying time is from 8-10 hours.

That is the million dollar question and the difference between a happy customer and a dissatisfied one. Of course there are permanent stains that can never be removed and should be addressed by your carpet cleaning professional once he looks at it. Pet urine stains, any type of artificially colored stains and many others are nearly impossible to remove but can be lightened. Stain kits are available to remove these stains but once again there are factors involved as far as longevity of the stain, volume and carpet color as well.

There is definitely a difference in what type of carpet is being cleaned and what level can be extracted. For example; Berber carpets tend to clean very well but normally have reappearing stains in the next few days after they are cleaned. Also, the frieze type of carpet can hold moisture so it must be cleaned a lower psi and done over more frequently or have an air mover readily available to dry after it has been completely cleaned. So there are differences and those should be addresses at the initial phone conversation with customer or when an estimate is being done.

All our cleaning compounds are all naturally made, active ingredient citrus.  If fact we don’t even us the word “chemicals” in the office.  Our cleaning methods are 100% safe for you and your pets.

Spot – is any foreign material (soil, liquid, etc.) that is removable by standard cleaning methods. (The material is on or around the carpet fiber). Stain – is foreign material (soil, liquid, etc.) on carpet that is not usually removable by standard cleaning methods. (The material has penetrated “soaked into’” the fiber and has changed the color or damaged the fiber itself).Some stains may be very difficult or impossible to remove.

Does Healthy Carpets need to tap into a water source?

No, our water onboard is softened, filtered and now our new UV sanitize treatment. There may be a rare occasion when we will need to attached to your water supply.

Does Healthy Carpets clean leather?

Yes, We clean all kinds of leather. Car seats, couches, love seats, chairs, any leather you own we can clean.

What is the drying time for carpet cleaning service?

This is one of the most common questions for carpet cleaning. The average dry time is 4 to 6 hours. We usually will included air movers and dehumidifier to expedite drying time.

Do we work on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

Sure thing, we are open 24/7-365 days a year, however we will change an extras $50 for a Saturday or Sunday appointment.