Does Carpet Cleaning Kill Fleas?

Flea infestations can be very frustrating for homeowners. Many homeowners struggle with these parasites every year. They love to live in carpet fibers and make their colony. It is not worth spending a lot of money or time trying to eradicate flea infestations from carpet.

There are so many flea products available, how can carpet cleaning kill them?

Flea treatment is most effective when done professionally. Carpet cleaners can remove flea colonies completely and destroy flea life cycles.

It is easy to make a mistake when you go to war with fleas. We all make the same mistake and use spot treatments to kill fleas. This guide will explain the relationship between fleas, carpets, and other pests. When it comes to flea infestations in your home, there are many things to consider. Learn how professional carpet cleaning can resolve a flea infestation in your home, sometimes in just one visit.

Carpet Fleas: Why?

Fleas, which are parasitic insects that feed on domestic pets such as dogs and cats, are small and harmless. During their entire life span, fleas only have two goals: to reproduce and feed. Fleas feed by inserting a small beak in the skin of their host to extract blood. This is very similar to how bed bugs and mosquitoes feed.

Fleas don’t initially like a house, and they won’t bite people if they are ingested with human blood. Fleas usually enter a home through your pets. Fleas that have been living on pets can eventually spread to the house. Carpets are a good place for flea eggs to be deposited.

Flea eggs can hatch in carpets and become a constant cycle of life. Your pets and you will provide the food for a whole colony of fleas. Flea infestations are best removed as soon as possible.

Fleas don’t seek carpet in a home. Fleas prefer to live on your pet’s fur. Fleas can lay up to 4050 eggs per day and the eggs hatch in as little time as a few days.

Adult fleas will hide eggs that have been hatched once they hatch. Carpets are a great place to focus on this. Carpets provide a perfect breeding ground for flea larvae, as they can be attracted to the spaces between the carpet fibers.

Carpet is infested by fleas because it offers eggs a safe place to lay their eggs.

Does carpet cleaning kill fleas

Is shampooing carpet effective in getting rid of fleas?

A vacuum cleaner is the best method to remove fleas from the carpet’s surface. Flea eggs and larvae can be sucked up by a vacuum, but the vacuum does not always solve the problem. A vacuum cleaner doesn’t kill fleas, it just removes them.

You will need to use something stronger than a vacuum cleaner to kill fleas from carpet. You can use water extraction, steam cleaning or, sometimes, regular shampooing to kill fleas in your carpet.

Remember that carpet shampooing will not treat pet bedding or other areas in the home where fleas might be hiding. Fleas can hide in hard-to reach areas so you will need to thoroughly wash and dry your pet’s bedding.

Flea shampoos can kill fleas in a matter of minutes. The warm or hot water used to clean the carpet can also drown the fleas. Although there are many methods to kill fleas, it is necessary to eliminate the whole colony.

What is the fastest way to get rid of fleas from carpet?

Fleas love to hide, making it difficult to ensure that you have removed all fleas from the home. Flea treatment in your home can be done quickly by hiring a pest control professional.

As you wait for pest control to arrive, it is a good idea to vacuum your home. This will help get rid of as many fleas as possible. A carpet cleaning professional can help with certain areas. This service can be used to clean your furniture and bed.

Hot steam cleaning can be used by carpet cleaners to destroy flea colonies under furniture. In one session, carpet cleaners can clean every area of the home’s carpet and eliminate flea colonies. Professional carpet cleaners may also be able to clean the area where your cat or dog sleeps.

Carpet cleaning is the most efficient way to get rid of fleas in carpets. The steam cleaning equipment can reach temperatures high enough to kill fleas upon contact. To kill fleas at the edges of walls, steam cleaning can be used underneath baseboards.

If steam cleaning isn’t enough and the steam doesn’t reach deep enough to kill fleas, hot water extraction is another reliable method. It is safer than steam.

hotwater extraction can be used to blast the carpet with water, pressure and a carpet cleaner. This is too much for the insects and eggs hiding in the carpet.

Can Steam Cleaning your Carpet Get Rid Of Fleas

fleas on a dog

A carpet steam cleaning can eliminate flea colonies. Due to the high heat used during the service, steam is often used for pest control in order to eradicate bed bugs. This service is a good option to prevent flea colonies from spreading throughout your home.

Steam cleaning by itself is not the best technique against these insects. Because these insects hide as their primary defense mechanism, steam cleaning can only penetrate into the structures of buildings to kill every flea.

Carpets and Fleas: Can they Survive?

These insects can not only survive but thrive in carpet. You may need to get rid of your carpet entirely if you have severe infestations. This is not necessary, but it can be done. A pest control technician can treat most flea infestations.

Because the insects are not only on your carpet, it is also important to treat other areas in your home. It is important to wash your cat or dog regularly in order to eliminate the insects.

These insects can live in carpets for many generations if they are not treated properly. A single carpet cleaning session is enough to eliminate a whole colony. However, it is recommended to do a second session to ensure that the infestation is gone.


Q: Can fleas survive in the washer?

These insects will most likely die after being washed in the washer. The detergent will not kill them and the water will drown them. All bedding and fabrics that fit into a washing machine are recommended to be washed inside the house.

Q: Can a hairdryer kill fleas

You can kill fleas by using a hair dryer to dry them. Although heat is effective, it’s not the best way to eliminate the pests from your home. To eliminate the colonies, you will need to have your furniture and carpets professionally cleaned. A pest control professional will also be required to inspect the rest of your home to make sure that the infestation is gone.

Q: What can I do to destroy flea colonies?

Flea bombing is not always the best strategy to eliminate an infestation. Often, they will spread the fleas further into walls, furniture and other areas of the house.

Flea colonies must be eradicated from pets. Then, all areas of your home where they multiply must be treated thoroughly to eliminate the fleas. The bombing of the home will only make the problem worse.


Carpet cleaning can be one of the most effective ways to eliminate these rapidly growing pests. Our highly trained experts will make sure that every carpet cleaning is done to the highest standards and ensure customer satisfaction. We are able to provide all the necessary services to eradicate a flea infestation as well as answer any questions that you might have about this common problem.  Although Healthy Carpets does not specialize in flea remediation, we would highly recommend removing the fleas before having a professional clean your carpets.