How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

There’s no doubt that professional carpet cleaning can make your home feel cozier and fresher…. The feeling we all love.

But how much does professional carpet cleaning cost? The short answer is it depends. 

That’s because carpet cleaning companies charge based on the size and type of room they need to clean.

This article will look at the standard pricing range and the deciding factors of the cost.


How Much Does It Cost To Get Carpets Cleaned?

Let’s look at some of the most common pricing ranges for carpet cleaning.

Average Carpet Cleaning Cost

Keep in mind that the exact cost depends on the size of the room. 
If you need a carpet cleaned that doesn’t fit into one of the below categories –  feel free to give us a call for assistance: (734) 224-8206

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Type of RoomPrice
Bedroom $30-50
Stairs and Landing$30-50
Large Front Room$40-75
Entire House Cleaning$170-300+ 
Carpet Cleaning Cost Chart

Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost: Pricing Factors

To better understand where the above figures come from, we also wanted to walk you through the pricing factors.

State of Carpet

One of the most important factors is the current state of the carpet.

For example: If the carpet is cleaned after a pet urine accident, it would be best to use liquid enzymes, which would be an additional charge. On our appointment scheduling system, you can browse our add-ons with information on their purpose.  If you have an unusual stain or odor coming from your carpet, you can get in touch with us for assistance.

Types of Products

Some carpet cleaning companies use cheap, harmful, and toxic products that harm the environment.

 Plus, they can also trigger allergic reactions in you or your pets.

Our carpet cleaning company uses eco-friendly carpet cleaning products – so you can have clean and healthy carpets.

Despite this: We are priced competitively, and all of our prices are in the ranges named above.  

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost
How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost

Size of Carpets

The final factor is the total size/area that you need to get cleaned:

  • How large the carpets are
  • How many steps do you need cleaned
  • How many rooms do you need cleaned

On our appointment scheduler, you can enter the exact number for all of the factors above, so you never pay more than is being cleaned.

Carpet Cleaning Prices: FAQ 

Which areas do you service?

We service the following areas: 

What other services do you offer?  

Besides carpet cleaning we also offer: 

How often should I get my carpets cleaned?

To keep your carpets clean and in good condition, you should get them professionally cleaned every 8-12 months. 

Additionally, you should vacuum your carpets every 2 weeks for hygiene. 

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