How To Get Rid of Bacteria In Carpets?

How To Get Rid of Bacteria In Carpets?

Bacteria can make your carpeting smelly.  Nobody wants smelly carpet but it also can make you, your family members, and visitors sick.  Bacteria are something that we cannot see but they are apart of what we call germs that we all have living around us.  While there are good and bad bacteria, you really don’t want them on your carpet.  There are many reasons that bacteria is in there from being tracked in on your shoes, pets, and dropping of food.  However, we need to get that bacteria out of the carpeting, but how?

There are many ways to get your carpeting clean and clear from bacteria.  The most common way is steam cleaning.  This is also one of the more effective ways to kill germs that are living in your carpeting.  This is done by a machine that will carry water and heat it up.  The machine will spray the water onto the carpeting and also has a vacuum on board that will suck up the water.  This is a very important step as you do not want to have your carpets left wet or you will run the risk of mildew later.  This can be done by a steam cleaner in which you purchase and use in your home, you could rent a steam cleaner or you could get a professional carpet cleaning service to come out and steam clean your carpets.

Carpet Disinfectant

You could use a carpet disinfectant in the steam cleaner or on its own.  You will find these at your local store in the cleaning supplies area. However, this is a little messier if you don’t have a steam cleaner or machine similar to extract the liquid solution from the carpets.  You can use a wet/dry vacuum after you have applied the solution.  Should you not want to invest in the solution but still want clean carpets, you can mix peroxide and hot water together and clean your carpets with that using a brush.  But, you will also have to suck it up with a wet/dry vacuum, or if all else fails some old towels would do as well.  While this isn’t as smooth of an operation as the steam cleaning solution, sometimes we are on a budget and simply cannot afford steam cleaning at this time, in any form.

Peroxide is very inexpensive and can be used on a variety of surfaces to disinfect and clean.  In fact, it is one of the top cleaners that are used in hospital labs.  This fun fact, tells us if it is good enough for the hospital labs, it is good enough for us.  This will kill bacteria in your carpet as well as in your pad and along the floorboards.  You can make a solution and spray it on the furniture as well to get out the bacteria.  We know the next question, and no, it will not affect the coloring of most carpets or floorings.  However, if the carpet or furniture is made from real hair or fur, it will. 

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