Best Homemade Carpet Spotter

Best Homemade Carpet Spotter

While getting your carpeting cleaned by professionals should be done.  You are going to have those spills and mishaps between cleaning.  This is where you should take note of what to use and what you have already in your home that will work as the best homemade carpet spotter for those spills and drips that occur.  

Some people choose to go their own way and not hire professional carpet cleaners.  These days you can rent a carpet cleaning machine for little money or if you clean your carpets often or have pets or small children it might be wise to invest in a carpet cleaner.  While the carpet cleaners that they sell to the public are not as powerful as the commercial machines used by the professionals, they are better than nothing.  If you clean your carpets often, then the dirt won’t have time to completely settle in and get ground into the bottom of the fibers.  

Whether you rent the machine or have a home machine that you are going to use, you will need to come up with a carpet cleaner solution.  This solution should work well for your type of carpeting.  What your carpeting spots have it in, should also be considered when working on the best homemade carpet spotter. 

Home made carpet spotter
Healthy Carpets Spotter

How to make a spot treatment

Making your own solution is more economical than purchasing something off the shelf. It also will have less of a scent, should you go scent-free. This allows you to be a little more in control over what you are putting on your carpets.  One solution that you could use is:

  • 1/2 cup fabric softener
  • 1 Tablespoon of Oxiclean
  • 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide
  • 1/8 dish soap

You will need a 1-gallon plastic or glass container to mix the solution in, along with a funnel.   Once all the ingredients are in you will need to fill the jug with warm water.  You are ready to add this to your carpet cleaning machine.  Take the cleaning solution reservoir off the machine and add 2 oz of solution and fill the rest up with water.  Yes, there is a lot of water in this.  However, there is more water in your soaps and cleaning solutions normally than most of us realize.  

How the best homemade carpet spotters work.

You probably won’t use the entire solution that was mixed up.  However, you can store it in a safe place for next time.  Be sure that you label your jug with the words “Carpet Cleaner” so that you don’t forget.  It is also good to add some cleaner to a spray bottle, again, just a little goes a long way.  This will then be there in case you have a spill, you can clean the spot up right away.

Peroxide and Oxiclean are very similar ingredients. If you only have one and not the other, that’s okay, just make some adjustments.  Peroxide takes out organic stains, so it is very good for those homes with pets.  It will take the smell and the stain will be removed with the dish soap in the solution.  Viola, you now have a lot of carpet cleaner for very little cost.

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