How To Maintain Carpets Between Professional Cleanings

How To Maintain Carpets Between Professional Cleanings

There are a few ways to maintain carpets between cleanings.  Of course, the most common way is to have a nice vacuum that will vacuum your carpeting often.  This will get the soil that is laying on the top of the carpeting before it gets ground in.  Should you have a spill you will want to spot clean that spill up.  Remember that dabbing is far better than rubbing for liquid spills. Rubbing will grind the spill into the carpet fibers, which you don’t want.  That can lead to other issues such as wicking carpet stains.  These stains are like icebergs and have a small upper area that you clean, only to have it wick back up and be there again. This happens over and over and can be really hard to get under control.  That is why, if you spill something you should clean it right away.

Now how often your vacuum will depend on your lifestyle.  It will depend on if you smoke in your home or burn candles, if you have pets, take off your shoes, and the number of people in the home.  It also depends on the quality of your vacuuming job.  One rule of thumb in the industry is that you vacuum as many times a week as you have heartbeats under the roof.  This means that if it is you and two kids and a dog, then three times a week.  However, this isn’t always the case as it will depend on what type of dog and your level of cleanliness.  

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Things that affect the cleanliness of your carpeting.

Some dogs shed a lot and you will have to vacuum once a day to keep up with the shedding. While you brush and do your best to keep up, the dog’s hair is still everywhere.  

How you vacuum is also important.  You need to be sure that you have the settings on the vacuum so that it is just right in height.  If you are too high you will pull air into the room.  If it is too low it will cut off the airflow and you won’t get good suction.  

Take your time and don’t rush when vacuuming.  This is probably the biggest issue with people vacuuming.  They don’t give the machine time to do its job and push it right over as if they are in a race.  

To save your carpeting, try to not wear shoes on the carpet.  Foot traffic is the number one reason our carpets are soiled.  After that, it is pets and consumer behavior such as candles and smoking inside.  The carpeting is the largest air filter in your home.  Because of this, it takes on any odors that are in the home.  Cleaning your carpets and keeping them clean will greatly improve the home’s air quality. 

You can add carpet protectors to your carpeting. This is a solution that will protect your carpeting by making the fiber surfaces slippery.  This will help keep the soil from getting deep into the carpets and clogging up that air filter quality that carpeting has.