Carpet cleaning Ann Arbor have you ever tried to clean your carpets on your own? While they do make consumer steam cleaners, these cleaners are not the same as the commercial ones.  Sure, you will have cleaner carpets than doing nothing at all, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t hire professionals for what professionals do.  Think about it this way, you can operate scissors, so maybe you should start cutting your own hair?

Despite our warnings, some simply want to clean their carpets on their own.  We are here to share some of the crazy things we have seen after someone less qualified cleaned their carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes
Healthy Carpets Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Stained carpets

When they cleaned their carpets they thought they could use any cleaner and used the bathroom cleaner for a better “foaming action”.  Well, bathroom cleaner contains bleach.  While bleach is great for your hard surfaces such as countertops, toilets, and handles it is not good for carpet.  Bleach will take the color out of most carpets and that’s exactly what it did.  Because of this, the carpets were streaked with bleached-out spots.  They called us to clean it up.  We cannot clean this up, it is permanently damaged.

Using too much soap

Too much soap will leave residue behind that you don’t want.  For whatever reason homeowners think that more soap equals fewer stains but that’s not the case.  They try to get stains out with a lot of soap and that area actually becomes sticky and attacks more dirt because it wasn’t thoroughly rinsed.  If you insist on using soap, use only carpet cleaning soap and read the directions.  This may not be strong enough to get the stains and spots out, which, again, is why you hire professionals carpet cleaners Ann Arbor.

Scrubbing too hard

First, you shouldn’t “scrub” carpeting to remove stains.  You should dab and use some stain remover.  Notice we said some.  This is because this is another area that homeowners feel that using more is better.  This will only make the area sticky and harder to get the stain out.  If you have just had a spill you should dab it up and not scrub it.  Scrubbing will make the carpeting fray as well as grind the spill into the fibers of the carpet.

Not vacuuming first with a good vacuum

When you are going to steam clean, you need to vacuum your carpeting really well with a good vacuum.  You need to go slow and allow the vacuum to work as it should. This means that it might take a little more time than a quick sweep and it should. You are vacuuming up the ground in dirt.  In fact, you might want to go over the area a few times to get as much vacuumed up as possible.  Once the steam is introduced to the carpet, it can create much from the leftover dirt.  This mud can become too heavy for the consumer-grade steam cleaners to vacuum up and now you are left with a mess.

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