What Is Organic Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning The Organic Way

Organic carpeting cleaning offers the same cleaning powers as those that contain chemicals.  However, they do not have the same impact on the occupants’ health and well-being. When toxic cleaners are used they can harm pets and cause allergic reactions.  While allergic reactions can still happen with organic carpet cleaning, it is less likely.  These allergic reactions are things such as irritation of the nose, lungs, and eyes or coughing, fatigue, sneezing, and congestion.  Organic carpet cleaning greatly reduces the allergens in the air and minimizes mold growth.  

Over the recent years, organic carpet cleaning has become more and more popular as people seek out a more green solution when possible.  Because of this, there are many professional carpet cleaning solutions that are both organic and green.  However, there are some solutions that can also be made at home and used to clean your carpets between the professional cleanings.  

The Power Of Organic Carpet Cleaning

Clean carpets equal cleaner air

Getting your carpets cleaned helps with the pollution of the air inside the home.  This is because the carpeting in a home acts as the largest air filter of that home.  It filters as you step.  Have you ever hit the carpeting with the sunlight shining on it?  Dust particles rise up and fall from the carpeting. Sure, you can vacuum each and every day.  However, that simply isn’t enough.  Take the time to call the professional and set up an appointment.  This should happen at least once a year, however, every 6 months is recommended for most homes.  

It will depend on how many people and how much traffic the carpet sees.  For bedrooms, carpeting doesn’t have the traffic that you have in the living room and hallways.  You might need to get the living room and hallways done more often than the bedrooms.  This schedule is up to you.  However, having your carpets cleaned either by you or the professionals will allow your carpeting to last much longer.  

What makes a carpet cleaning process organic?

What makes the process organic is the fact that the solutions are made with natural products and not chemicals.  Citrus for example is a very common ingredient that we find in many green cleaning products.  They can be made from everyday items found around your home such as vinegar.  They are not synthetics, ammonia-based, or full of chemicals.  Because of this, they are much safer for people and animals.  

Organic solutions are also better for the environment as they can be disposed of and not cause any harm.  Because they are all-natural many times they do not have any harmful smells or scents added to them.  This means that your home will be left smelling clean and refreshed without a hint of some chemical scent.  This is preferred by most people but especially preferred by those with pets.  Pets walk around on the carpeting and lay on it only to clean themselves later.  This cleaning process could harm the animal with chemical cleaners.  However, organic cleaners will do no harm to your pets at all.