The Cost To Install Carpet In One Room

Want to know how much it costs to install carpeting? How to calculate the cost of carpet installation

Installing carpet can be a relatively inexpensive way to transform a room. Carpet that is old, dirty or worn out can be an eye sore, but it also traps odors and reduces indoor air quality because of mold and allergens.

You’ll need to consider your budget when remodeling your bedroom, hallway or living room.

Find out what a new carpet will cost you and how it will affect your budget.

Installing carpet costs

The cost of installing carpet in your house is largely determined by two factors.

First, the price of materials. The carpets available range from mass-market synthetics that can be purchased in home improvement stores to luxurious wool varieties made to order. No matter what your budget is for the floor ideas that you are considering, there’s a carpet available to fit it.

Tim Sheridan is the brand ambassador of Stark carpet (opens in a new tab). “Stark offers products that range from $2 per square foot up to $2,000 per square foot.”

Installation costs are the second factor to consider. Installation labor is usually priced by companies based on specifics. Installation costs are affected by the size of your room, your current flooring, prep work required, and even how many stairs you have in your house.

Materials and labor costs for carpet installation

Installing new carpet requires two parts: the carpet and the underlayment, or carpet pad. This is the component that prepares the floor for the carpet. Healthy Carpets advises that you do your own research before installing carpets.  The price is usually based on the square footage.

Jordan Fulmer, a real estate investor from Alabama, says that the price per square foot for carpet installation depends on the type of carpet you choose. He has installed carpets in his properties over the past few years. The price per square foot of carpet installation can range from $2 for a basic style to $4 or more for a higher-quality one.

Carpet can be purchased for as low as $1 per square feet. This means that a room measuring 10 by 12 feet can cost as little as $120 plus the cost for the carpet pad and the installation.

A loop-pile wool carpet may cost $10 or more per square foot, which would mean that the carpeting of a 10 x 12 foot room will cost $1,200 plus installation and carpet pad. You can expect to pay more if you choose a natural material like sisal, jute or hemp.

The factors that influence the price of carpet are listed below.


Carpets made from manmade fibers such as olefin or triexta are cheaper, while carpets made of natural materials like silk, wool, and sisal are more expensive.

Not all nylon and polyester carpets are low-quality or cheap. Many high-quality carpets are made from manmade fibers, which often offer stain resistance. 

Different Carpet Fibers


The method of carpet manufacture has an impact on its price. The majority of carpets are tufted. This is a machine-driven process where rug fibers are stitched through a backing. This carpet type is produced quickly, and therefore less expensive. Hand-woven or loomed fabrics are more expensive, no matter what fiber they’re made of.


You can tell if the carpet is cheap even if you don’t know anything about it. You can almost feel the carpet backing underneath.

The lowest priced carpet will have a low density of fibers, which is measured by the number of square inches. If you are looking for bedroom ideas, you will likely be interested in high-density carpets that feel luxurious underfoot.

The average pile yarn densities (APYD) is a formula that measures carpet density. According to Carpet and Rug Institute, APYD measures range from 1,000 to 7,000. The higher the number the denser and usually more expensive the carpet. Most manufacturers and retailers list APYD under ‘density.

Pattern and color

The cost of a specialty carpet with a pattern or color is higher because it often requires custom dyes, intricate weaving techniques and complex weaving processes.

Carpet pads

After you select the carpet, you will also need to choose a suitable carpet pad. Carpet pads are an essential part of any new carpet installation. They not only provide extra cushioning underfoot but also protect the carpet from moisture and friction. This prolongs its life.

The carpet pads are typically made from foam and sold either by the square foot, or by the roll. Carpet pads can be purchased for as little as $0.25 a square foot. However, higher density and thicker foam will cost more than $1 per square feet.

Calculate The Cost Of Carpeting Materials

Cost To install carpet in one room

Jordan Fulmer: ‘Carpet installers generally measure the area where the carpet will be installed, and multiply this by the price per square foot in order to calculate the total cost.

If you want to estimate the cost, multiply the square footage by the length and width.

Look online or in-store for carpets you like and note their price per square foot. Multiply the price per square foot by the size of the room. Add the carpet pad, if not already included.

If your room is 10 feet by 12 feet, you have 120 square foot total. If you can find a rug you like at $4 per square feet and a pad of carpet for $1 per sq. ft., you’ll be spending $5 per sq. ft.

The cost of the carpet is 120 x $5 or $600.

How much does it cost to install carpeting?

The second most important factor is labor costs. These vary depending on the project. For example, carpets for stairs are likely to be more costly to install than carpets in a rectangular room. According to HomeAdvisor, you can expect to pay between $0.50 and $1 per square foot.

Tim Sheridan says that site conditions and detailing are what determine the cost of installation. Things like moving heavy carpets up stairs, disposing of old carpets, stain-guard coatings, stair details, edge options, etc. are all factors that affect installation costs.

If your installer does not handle the disposal of your old carpet, you may also be charged extra for him to measure your area before ordering your carpet.

Ask about the installation services offered by a flooring retailer when you order carpet. Flooring stores will often install carpets when you buy them. They may even give you a discount for buying a specific type or quantity. Your contractor will be able handle the installation if you are working with an interior designer or on a major home renovation.

It’s worth paying for someone to do a good job, regardless of who installs the carpet. Paul Tucker, of the Carpet and Rug Institute, says that hiring professionals to install carpet who adhere to CRI 104/105 standards is one of the most important decisions a consumer can make. These standards include guidelines for the proper handling and storage of carpets, the substrate preparation and carpet tack strips used.

If you are considering DIY carpet installation to save money, the Carpet and Rug Institute strongly discourages it.

How much does it cost to install carpet?

According to HomeAdvisor, labor costs and materials can range from $3.50 per square foot to $11 for carpet installation.