What Type Of Fiber Is Best For Carpets?

Are you geared up to select out out carpet on your new home (or likely you’re changing antique carpet)?! Are you harassed approximately what the BEST kind of carpet is … or what your alternatives EVEN ARE?!

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How To Choose Best Carpet Fiber

 In this post, I’ll provide you with an outline of the TOP FOUR carpet fiber kinds so you will higher apprehend your alternatives and might with a bit of luck make carpet selections for YOUR home! We’ll talk the 4 foremost kinds: nylon, polyester, wool, and polypropylene (aka, olefin) PLUS I’ll solution a number of your pinnacle carpet fiber questions! It’s essential to be aware that once we’re speaking about carpet kinds, we’re virtually speaking approximately the diverse carpet FIBERS. Each kind of carpet fiber has its professionals and cons … and your fiber desire must rely on your price range and the quantity of site visitors within side the vicinity.  Here is a short rationalization of artificial and herbal fibers so that you understand the simple differences:  Feel free to contact Healthy Carpets if you have any questions on choosing the perfect carpets for your home or business.  


Not observed in nature; gadget made Synthetic fiber is normally greater stain resistant than herbal fibers More sensible than herbal carpet fibers Typically much less steeply-priced than herbal fibers NATURAL CARPET FIBERS Natural fibers may be observed in NATURE (did you notice that coming?!) Wool is relatively long lasting however cotton (every other herbal fiber) isn’t always as long lasting Natural fibers are commonly greater steeply-priced than artificial Related Post:



Polyester is every other artificial carpet fiber that is simple to easy and pretty long lasting. While polyester does sense pretty luxurious, it does NOT keep its fiber peak beneathneath site visitors and weight (aka, it remains flattened from furnishings weight and site visitors) in addition to different carpet fibers so it’s now no longer advocated for high-site visitors areas. Overall polyester is capable of keep onto colourful colors; even though it may fade if in direct vibrant daylight regularly. Polyester is immune to water soluble stains, it’s smooth, and is a price range-pleasant desire. Polyester is likewise a notable desire for human beings with allergies.


Nylon is a artificial carpet fiber, and it’s miles the range ONE desire for each residential and business carpet! Although nylon is the strongest (maximum long lasting) of all carpet fibers, it may nevertheless sense very smooth underfoot! Nylon has a few notable matters going for it: it’s miles strongly immune to insects, mold, mildew, rot, stains, and abrasions. It is likewise accurate at now no longer keeping onto allergens. Nylon commonly keeps its fiber peak (i.e., it doesn’t flatten from site visitors and weight), it’s clean to hold and it holds its colour very well. Due to those positives, nylon is appropriate for high-site visitors areas. Nylon is reasonably priced, so it’s miles inside many human beings’s budgets. It isn’t pretty as steeply-priced as wool, however it’s greater steeply-priced than polyester and polypropylene. A mid- or amazing nylon can closing for several (12-15ish) years.


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Wool is a (stunning) in basic terms herbal kind of carpet fiber! It is an animal fiber taken from the hair of sheep. Wool is simply the pinnacle carpet desire when you have a HIGH price range! It is one of the MOST steeply-priced sorts of carpet … even greater steeply-priced than high-cease nylons. Like nylon, wool has many notable matters going for it: it’s luxurious, long-lasting, long lasting, (normally) stain resistant, smooth, dense, may be dyed in lots of colors, capable of cover soil higher than artificial fibers, and it keeps fiber peak well! Unfortunately, there are a few negatives that include this herbal fiber type: wool can fade in extended direct daylight, it may be afflicted by insect damage (in contrast to artificial fibers that are insect resistant), it isn’t as relatively resilient as nylon, allergens can thrive in wool, low-grade wool is prone to staining, high-grade wool is EXPENSIVE, and wool carpet can shed (I do word slight dropping with my wool vicinity rugs).

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