Cleaning Tip 2/28

Some homeowners will probably tell you to sweep your carpet daily using brooms with stiff bristles. However, brooms will only cause the dirt and dust particles to sink deeper in between the fibers.

Ideally, carpets should only be vacuumed weekly. The sole exception to this rule is if the carpet is frequently being stepped on since it is placed in areas with heavy traffic. Vacuuming your carpet frequently prevents the build up of sharp, gritty particles that can cut and tear the fibers. As a result, you prolong your carpet’s life. If you have extra time to spare, make sure that you clean the areas surrounding your carpet, such as radiators and baseboards with a crevice tool.

Never rush when vacuuming your carpet. This is particularly true for plush carpets that have dirt and grime deeply embedded. Clean it very slowly and make several passes, so that the suction can clear out all the dirt.