Thinking about what carpet cleaning company to hire?

When it comes that time again to have your carpets cleaned (every 12 months) choosing the best carpet cleaning company can be a bit challenging.  With in the content I’m going to teach the the 3 steps in choosing the best qualified cleaning company for the job.

#1 Qualifications

You want to make sure the company you hire is qualified for your expectations.  Be leave it or not a carpet cleaning company does not have to be IICRC (Institute of inspection cleaning and restoration certification) to come in your home and clean your carpets.  This means that any John Doe off the street can go to a grocery store, rent a carpet cleaning machine for the day and clean your carpets.  Not knowing anything about P.H. balances, chemicals or even cleaning techniques.

Healthy Carpets is IICRC and has been sense 2005

#2 Reputation (Customer feed back/Reviews)

Reputation is very importation.  It is impossible to please everyone, however it is very easy to see if a carpet cleaning company tries.  When researching a companies reputation all you have to do is go to Google and type in “(business name) reviews”  in our case it would be “Healthy Carpets Reviews”.

Here are the results for Healthy Carpets.


#3 Technician(s) (people who will be in your home)

It is very important that you know who will be in your children or even your bedrooms before you invite them into your home.  Ask them questions about the technician(s) who will be coming.

I would say one of the best things about hiring Healthy Carpets for the job would be the fact that you will meet the owner (Marshall Witt).  He will over look every single job if not be one of the actual technician(s).  In other words your not going to get some kid just out of high school getting $9.50 and knows nothing about cleaning.


Scheduling a appointment is simple and it can be done instantly online.Baby looking up on carpet