Carpet Or Hardwood In A Bedroom

Hardwood is gaining popularity and the debate over hardwood continues. Some areas of the home are better suited for a soft than hard floor. Bedrooms are a great example. The bedroom provides a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the home. Carpet is a great choice for this private space because of its quietness and warmth.

Difference Between Hardwood And Carpet

Carpet Provides A Quieter Space

People prefer to sleep in silence. It is not something that anyone wants to wake up every morning by the sounds of another person pounding around the bedroom. Carpet is more comfortable than hard flooring and helps to muffle the sounds of partners walking around the room. This is especially useful for partners with different schedules. Carpet absorbs sound, while hard flooring reflects it. This reduces the noise from speech and other activities.

Carpet Offers Softer Step

Many people hate the idea of having to wake up every morning to a set alarm and then have to go without their bed. It can be worse if your first steps are taken on a hard, cold floor. Carpet, on the other hand, provides a comfortable transition between the comfort of your bed and the floor below. It can be nice to have a soft and cushioned feeling underfoot. A high quality pad can increase the softness of your carpet.

Fun Carpet Fact

Carpet weaving was not invented before the use of furs and hides by humans to cover floors or ground cold. The oldest known surviving knotted carpet is the Pazyryk rug. It dates back to the fifth century BCE.

The safer choice

Slips are easy, especially if you’re asleep. A hard and slippery floor can make it dangerous to stumble on the toilet in the middle of the night if you aren’t awake. Carpet is the best choice for kids’ rooms, nurseries and steps. Children younger than 5 years old are more likely to fall out of bed, so carpet is a better choice. Carpet is also more comfortable for crawling and walking babies.

A Possible Compromise

A compromise is the best option if you are having difficulty choosing between the two. An area rug can be used to cover hard flooring in your bedroom. A large area rug should be placed under the bed, and it should extend beyond the bed’s edges on all sides.  You can create cozy spaces with small rugs by placing a rug on each side of your bed (to step onto when you get in and out of bed in your bare feet), as well as behind a bench or other seating areas.

Brintons’ Lisa Conway agrees. “A design scheme should begin from the floor up with the carpet as the base for all design choices,” she states. “Pattern and color were brought forward to make a statement.

Lisa recommends that you make a bold choice with a heavily patterned design. However, if it is something you like, then go for it. It can be customized with different colors and design details that will match the larger scheme, so it can withstand any room renovation

Carpet in a bedroom

The downsides of installing carpet in bedrooms

Your bedroom floor won’t get the same foot traffic as your living room, entryway, or hallway flooring. It’s probably a good thing. However, there are some drawbacks to carpeting in your bedroom.

Carpet is more difficult to clean

You’ll be able to see the differences between tile and laminate. Carpet is the opposite. Carpet is not recommended for use in the event of a spillage, However Healthy Carpets is one of the best local carpet cleaner to take care of all spills and stains. 

You should vacuum your carpets regularly and hire professional cleaners every now and again to keep them clean. Although there are many great products to remove stains from carpet floors, it’s not as easy as wiping it with a towel as with the types above.

However, there are stain-resistant carpets available. To find them, you need to talk to a flooring retailer .

Hardwood Bedrooms: The downsides

Hardwood floors can add beauty and value to your home, as well as being easy to maintain. They are also more environmentally friendly. There are some reasons you may not want hardwood floors in your bedroom.

Hardwood floors aren’t as warm or soft as carpet

You won’t find this option as warm and cozy as carpet unless you are looking to install a heating wooden floor. For people who have cold feet or live in cold areas, this may be a disadvantage.

A financial investment is made when you choose hardwood for your bedroom.

The cost of replacing carpet with hardwood can vary depending on the type of wood used. Installing wood floors can run between $9-12 per square foot, while carpet flooring can be as low as $3-5 per square foot.

While it can be difficult to learn how hardwood floors is installed, hiring a professional can make your flooring more affordable.


Hardwood flooring doesn’t offer as much sound insulation

Hard surfaces won’t absorb sound, so your bedroom will be louder. This issue can be fixed with rugs. But, if you have beautiful hardwood floors, why not cover them?

Although it might not cause any problems in your home, sound insulation can be annoying in your bedroom.

Hardwood floors can be more difficult to maintain.

Yes, hardwood floors can be cleaned easily, as we have already mentioned. Wood floors are not perfect, but they can be cleaned. They shouldn’t be mopped with a regular wet mop. If you do, the floors can become warped. Your floors will be exposed to the elements over time.

Children might drag their toys on your hardwood floors, leaving scratches. Your pets might get excited to see you, and may leave some scratches. These small issues can and will become more obvious over time. Even the strongest wood flooring can be susceptible to this.

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