Cost Of Tile And Grout Cleaning Service

Cleaning grout and tiles can cost approximately $465, with a range of $283 and $654. The price will vary based on how dirty it is as well as the scope of the project the cost could range between $140 to $1,000. It will cost you between $0.50 or $3 for each square foot that’s based on the number of grout lines there are. The smaller the tile are, the less to be cleaned.

A mixture of sand, cement along with water, it is used to fill the gap between tiles during the installation. If not sealed, this porous substance is able to absorb dirt, grease and mildew. It also absorbs mold, mildew and limescale. The dirt, soil and grime leave scratches and marks on the tiles’ lines which, in turn, create a look that is ugly and dirty.

Cleaning costs for Tile and Grout Per Square Feet

Cleaning of grout and tile is $0.50 up to 3 cents per sq ft with the requirement of a minimum of $100-$200. The largest single cost factor is the square foot. The majority of professionals will be charging a cost per square foot, which includes time and material. But there are different scenarios, such as:Flat fee: $300 to $500 per space (150-250 sq ft). While you may get a flat-rate quote but your professional determined it based on the square footage as well as the number of lines.Hourly rate: $30 to $50 per hour for each crew member. Most cleaning jobs require between 3 and up to 6 hours.For each square foot, $0.50-$3. Per square foot prices vary based on the amount of grout lines there are. Tiny 1″x1″ tiles will take longer to wash than a large room filled with 24″x24″ tile.
Tile and grout cleaning cost

Cost of Grout Cleaning Service

Grout cleaning flat-rate service is priced at $300-$500 in a area. The service often includes sealing and we’ll cover this in the following section. Combining grout maintenance and sealing could result in a lower cost for on the total cost of the service. Be sure you ask your professional whether they specialize in both. Request a written list of all the services offered and, if you can.

Grout Cleaning and Sealing Cost

The cost of sealing grout ranges from $0.25 or $0.50 for each square foot. In a quoted flat-rate, this can be included in the grout cleaning, but make sure to be sure to ask. Sealants keep grout free of water, mold damage, and grout breakdown. Re-sealing is recommended at minimum every three years..

Factors that affect the cleaning of tile and grout

Cost for tile and grout cleaning service
The two elements your professional is looking at when pricing the project and deciding on the best way to proceed are:Staining and dirt. The time since you last cleaned could affect the cost of cleaning a little. The more difficult it is clean your home, the more you’ll spend.The size of the tiles. The smaller the tile will be, greater the grout will need to wash.

How long has passed since the last Grout Cleaning?

Expect to be charged an additional $100-$200 for very dirty grout. The dirt and oil accumulate and stain it, getting worse as time goes by. If it’s been some time since you last cleaned it’s possible you’ll need to treat them properly and carry out more extensive repairs.

Dimensions of Tiles

If your bathroom is equipped with 1″x1″ tiles there will be a lot of grout lines when compared to a space by 24″x48″ tiles. It’s going to take a lot longer to complete and could require more sealants and chemical cleaners.

Prices for Commercial Grout and Tile Cleaning Price

Commercial grout cleaning is priced similar to residential work in the range of $0.50 up to $3/square feet. However, since the majority of commercial areas have larger tiles and less grout, the prices tend to be within the $0.75 up to $1.50 for each square foot price range . Commercial jobs employ the same methods including chemicals, equipment and machinery that are used in residential projects.

DIY and. Professional Tile and Cleaning Costs for Grout

Cleaning grout lines helps keep your floors and counters looking fresh and keeps bacteria at low. This is done by yourself using soapy water and bristle brushes, as well as sealants that are available at most home improvement stores. Make sure to use the right chemicals for this task. There are steam cleaning equipment specifically designed for the purpose. Acid-based cleaners and pressure washing can damage your flooring.

The primary benefit of using an expert service is the less chance of grout breaking during cleaning. Professionals can complete the task efficiently, effectively and without damage. This can result in rerouting which can cost you between two and three times the cost of cleaning it up properly. Professionals may appear to cost an investment upfront however their expertise and equipment will ensure you get a fast professional, efficient task. Check out Healthy Carpet tile and grout cleaning service now.


Grout restoration can cost 15 to 20 percent more than a simple cleaning. Choose a “all-inclusive” specialist contractor that specializes in this kind of restoration. They’ll offer you the top quality of products, services and technicians which will result in better overall prices.

Prices for a Grout Doctor vary between $200 to $500 for a typical home bathroom. But, the costs vary depending on region. The cost of overhead, taxes and travel times all influence the cost of travel in the region. They do not just remove grout, but they also provide:

  • Repairs and Regrouting

  • Installation

  • Stone restoration

  • Caulking

  • Cleaning

  • Sealing

  • Recoloring

  • Repair or replacement of tiles

The majority of professionals employ machines that have lower pressure steam. They may also apply chemicals to treat staining.  Healthy Carpets tile and grout cleaning process out of Ann Arbor Michigan

Refinishing ceramic tiles can cost anywhere from $150-$2,000. However, there are times when you’ll need repair damaged spots or re-grout. Repairing tiles can cost more than between $250 and $600

The most effective tile and grout cleaner is a steamer. There are also chemical cleaners designed specifically for this purpose.

Certain tiles are water-proof, but grout usually isn’t, unless sealed. Tiles with pores, such as natural stone, will absorb water as sponges. You’ll have to seal them every year.

It is recommended to clean your tile approximately every six months. It is all dependent on how dirty it becomes. Do not wait more than a year before cleaning and seal your home.

Some carpet steamers come with the ability to clean tile, however most don’t. If it’s not clearly stated that it is not suitable for tiles.  Healthy Carpets defiantly offers professional carpet cleaning.

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