Should I clean my old carpet or buy a new one?

Should I clean my old carpet or buy all new?

Your carpet may have served you for long enough and start to look old. In such a case, you may start to wonder whether you need to purchase a new one or clean the old one.  Cleaning your old carpet will always be cheaper than purchasing new carpet. However, it is not always advisable to clean your old carpet instead of buying a new one. Some of the carpets may be in a bad state that is beyond cleaning. Such carpets may be dangerous to stay with as they may cause health problems such as allergies or become bleeding sites for molds. In such cases, you should consider purchasing a new carpet.  Cleaning your carpets on a regular basis will always protect your carpets life span.  Healthy Carpets offers the best carpet cleaning service and will provide any advice via email or phone

Factors to consider before making the decision

First, it is important to know that a carpet may be such a costly investment that may be hard to replace. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner may save you the dollars you need to re-carpet your home. Some of the professional cleaners may clean a heavily stained or soiled carpet to look as god as new. If you have your carpet professionally cleaned at least twice a year, it may have its look revitalized instead of buying a new one.

You should also consider how much tear and wear your carpet is likely to be exposed to. For instance, small children may be in their messy age and you want to wait until they grow bigger. If your children are big enough and about to be away from home, you may consider cleaning instead of replacing your carpet. If you have a pet, you may as well consider waiting until you train it how to stay in the house.

It is also important to consider how convenient it is to have your carpet cleaned. The cleaning and drying process of your old carpet may take long than you can wait. However, you may hire professional cleaners who can clean your carpet and have it dry within a day or within few hours.  In such a case, you may consider cleaning instead of replacing your carpet.


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When do I need to purchase a new carpet?

When your carpet starts to show signs of permanent stubbornness, it is time for you to buy a new carpet. The carpet may have permanent stains that still remain even after professional cleaning. In some cases, your carpet may have been damaged by such things as flood. Such a carpet may not be repaired and you need to purchase a new one.

You may also want to redecorate your home and transform it into a new look. For instance, when your carpet is very old and has stayed up to ten years, you may want to have a cleaner look of your home. Purchasing a new carpet will perfectly give your home a new look and texture.

Cleaning or replacing your old carpet is therefore advantageous step for your home. Whether you clean or replace your old carpet, you are left with a cleaner and healthier home. However, it is always important to consider many factors to decide whether buying or replacing your carpet is the most appropriate thing to do.

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